RPCS3 and College Football Revamped
NCAA Football 14 College Football Revamped Emulation software is making great progress in replicating the experience of playing older console game systems on modern PC hardware. I own NCAA football 14 on the PlayStation 3 system and it is fun I still play it to this day. Why am I still playing a football simulation video game from 2013 you may ask. Well it’s the last college football...
GandalF reflects on Slightly Stoopid concerts and marijuana!
    Slightly Stoopid may be one of the greatest bands ever, now here is a link to their hit song marijuana off their Top of the World album. I remember going to a Slightly Stoopid concert fresh out of high school in an amphitheater in Arizona. It was sweltering, mister system provided almost zero relief all while wasting a precarious amount of water. I digress the music was good and the smell...