GandalF reflects on Slightly Stoopid concerts and marijuana!



Slightly Stoopid may be one of the greatest bands ever, now here is a link to their hit song marijuana off their Top of the World album. I remember going to a Slightly Stoopid concert fresh out of high school in an amphitheater in Arizona. It was sweltering, mister system provided almost zero relief all while wasting a precarious amount of water. I digress the music was good and the smell of many joints was lofting through the air. This was the first concert I ever snuck weed into, I taped a couple joints to my leg and covered them with those long Nike socks. I was sketched out to light one at first because security seemed fairly thick. Looking back I was just paranoid and a young stoner lighting up in a concert for the first time. Man listening to the music and reminiscing on this concert sure takes me back. If you ever get a chance to see them live check it out. Good vibes, good people, and the best trees.

GandalFtheBlaze signing out stay chiefing!


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