RPCS3 and College Football Revamped

Emulation software is making great progress in replicating the experience of playing older console game systems on modern PC hardware. I own NCAA football 14 on the PlayStation 3 system and it is fun I still play it to this day. Why am I still playing a football simulation video game from 2013 you may ask. Well it’s the last college football game ever released, a relic of times past frozen to preserve what a college football video game is for the end of time. So I thought. It turns out behind the scenes in some dimly lit studio apartment one man was working on updating this forgone relic. To make a long story short I downloaded RPCS3, a bios driver from the PlayStation website, and uploaded my ps3 game disk on to my computer. 30 minutes later after some initial configuring I was playing College Football Revamped on my modern gaming PC. This mod adds updated uniforms, modern rosters, stadium updates, and small game play tweaks. Overall just a fantastic mod I can not recommend enough that should revitalize booting up this classic of a game.

You can watch me play College Football Revamped over at Twitch on my channel.


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